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18:00 | 6 Junie | R220

Nianell – Shine
18:00 | 6 Junie | R220

Deep inside each one of us there is the desire to be free. Free to express our uniqueness and our magnificence. Free to be who we are, but we hold back because we fear rejection and punishment.

We get taught many things from the day we are born and life truly is a journey of unlearning. No one can teach you who you are, you have to discover that for yourself and then have the courage to be who you are.

Writing the song Shine was a turning point in my life. I wrote it about two years ago, but I only felt ready to release it now.
This year I am celebrating my 50th birthday in September and I am so thankful that I had the courage to allow myself to be who I am, before I turned 50. Now I am free to Shine as bright as I can. Because “I know who I am and so I let the love inside me take the stage. If love can shine through me then you might see it in you too”.

I am in love with this journey called life and it is my dream that the song Shine will encourage others to shine as well, just like it encouraged me.

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